Architect Lotus Hills

Kaled Kamala

A French architect, from an early age he cultivated a passion for drawing and for the art of designing houses, neighborhoods and even entire cities. This fascination with the organization of space naturally led him to architecture. He studied architecture at the Paris-Val-de-Seine School of Architecture, located at the heart of the Paris School of Fine Arts, and obtained his diploma in architecture in 2004. Later, in 2008, he specialized in "Architecture and risk reduction".

With a rich professional background, he has gained invaluable experience with several leading international firms, including “Valode et Pistre” architecture company. For seven years with “Valode & Pistre”, he held the position of Design Director in the Beijing office, where he competently managed large-scale projects from the competition phase through to development and construction.

His professional career has taken him all over the world, from Europe, South America, the Caribbeans and India, where he has undertaken various architectural assignments. In recent years, he has established his architectural practice, “KZ Architecture & Design”, in the dynamic setting of Phuket, Thailand. Here he has assembled a team of talented experts who collaborate to create villas, residential, resorts, and restaurants with unique design.